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Welcome to the world of free flight
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Have you ever watched hang glider or paraglider pilots soaring effortlessly over the Welsh hills and longed to join them? If so, take a look inside this hang gliding & paragliding web site, and learn how modern hang gliders and paragliders have turned the age old dream of personal flight into a reality.

Learn how the sport first began in america, and then spread to the UK and Wales. Read how today experienced hang glider and paraglider pilots can use their wings to climb up to 4 miles high, and cover distances in excess of 300 miles, with no power save the movement of the atmosphere.

Discover how easy it is to learn to fly in Great Britain, and obtain your Club Pilot qualification from the BHPA, the Governing Body of the sport in the UK.

Once you have successfully completed a hang gliding or paragliding course at a BHPA registered school, you can join one of the five autonomous Clubs who make up the Welsh Free Flight Federation (WFFF), and who look after the majority of hang gliding and paragliding sites in Wales.

Experienced hang glider and paraglider pilots can also check for bargains in Welsh Free Flight Classifieds.

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