Wales Sites Guide

I'm afraid this page isn't complete yet - more to follow in due course.

For futher information on any of the following sites please visit the web site of the club controlling that site by clicking on the appropriate link.

SiteWind DirectionRating HGRating PGSite RefGrid RefControlled by
Abertysswg W - NW CP Pilot 7.053 SO 141 059 SE Wales
Blorenge WNW - SE CP CP 7.002 SO 275 122 SE Wales
Ebbw Vale ENE - E CP CP 7.163 SO 192 080 SE Wales
Garth Hill ENE - SSE CP Pilot 7.079 ST 113 836 SE Wales
Merthyr SW - WNW CP CP 7.094 SO 078 036 SE Wales
Mynydd Meio SSW - WSW CP CP 7.100 ST 114 883 SE Wales
Pandy NE - ESE CP CP 7.003 SO 318 234 SE Wales
Pontlottyn NNE - NE CP CP 0.000 SO 116 051 SE Wales
Rhigos NW - NNE Pilot Pilot 7.110 SN 926 031 SE Wales

Members of the five regional clubs who make up the Welsh Free Flight Federation enjoy access to many of the best flying sites in Wales through the reciprocal flying arrangements that exist within the Federation.

But it's not a free for all, and not all Welsh sites are covered by this scheme. In some instances sites have been excluded because of particular local difficulties, and it's therefore essential that Federation members contact the appropriate resident club before flying their sites for the first time.

The Federation is keen to foster responsible attitudes, and asks members to always ensure that they are aware of current site rules before flying an unfamiliar site.

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